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Ivanti Patch For Endpoint Manager

Balancing the continuous flood of security hazards and patches is a never-ending drain on IT department. Businesses have to analyze, assess, trial run, and extend patches across the organization simply and automatically. And with the bulk of vulnerabilities impacting third-party applications, patching and renovating operating systems isn’t enough. With Ivanti Patch for Endpoint Manager, powered by LANDesk, your business can find, analyze, and remediate thousands of client systems all-inclusively, regularly, and routinely, based on procedures you specify and without saturating your network or disturbing user effectiveness.

View, Analyze, and Safeguard Your Assorted Client Environment

Patch for Endpoint Manager rapidly shows all of the patches installed on all of your client systems, whether those patches were installed by software from Ivanti or another vendor. The tool also completes vulnerability judgment using industry-standard data origins. Catch and remediate operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities on systems running Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, and Apple® Mac
OS X® and HP-UX.

Push More Productive Patching with Automation and Business Procedures

Patch for Endpoint Manager automates patch management and deployment, empowering granular, policy-driven management over what gets patched when and how often. The tool’s Wake-on-WAN capability can wake machines across the organization without network configuration, to improve patch success rates and lessen automated deployment times. Automate convoluted manual workflows. Apply scheduling, policy, and other patch delivery benefits, separately or together, to boost the reach and efficiency of your patching attempts.

Safeguard Your Client Systems And Bottom Line With Higher Compliance

The more legislation and rules enforced on enterprises, the more vital the need for completely patched systems. Patch for Endpoint Manager helps your organization match compliance necessities and regulatory norms, alleviate lost opportunities, and lessen the threat of legal and financial

Patch More Systems Quicker with Less Network Shocks

Patch for Endpoint Manager applies several technologies to dish out and disperse patches swiftly across your network, without generating disorderly bandwidth requirements or needing committed hardware or router configurations. Lessen hardware charges by using endpoints in place to
give patch and update software packages. Pre-stage patches locally to the systems that need them, for rapid deployment upon certification by your change control board. Use united project-rollout capabilities to apply patches at scale and quickly, while advancing bandwidth usage
and hardware assets.

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Product Description

Access and Patch Devices Anywhere in the World

Patch for Endpoint Manager associates with the Ivanti Cloud Services Appliance. This unification empowers your business to evaluate and rectify systems anywhere in the world, even those that are virtual or in the hands of traveling users, without needing a virtual private network
(VPN) connection.

Give Peak Security with Lowest Interruption for Your Users

Additional and improved patching means added and improved security, but if too meddlesome, such advantages can hinder user and business efficiency. Patch for Endpoint Manager empowers administrators to set persistent timeframes and schedules for patch deployment and upkeep. Govern when patches are installed and whether to restart or put to sleep selected systems after patching. Clarify main workflows that do not get disrupted by patch or update deployment when running in full-screen form. Patch systems at the correct time and under accurate circumstances to shield in silence and evade interrupting business actions.

Unite Patch and Systems Management

Patch for Endpoint Manager can be dispensed separately or as an add-on to Ivanti Endpoint Manager. When united with that flagship offering, patch and systems management are united easily and can be governed by ordinary user and administrator interfaces.

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