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Ivanti Patch For Windows

Everything You Need To Patch OS, VMware, and Third Party Apps

IT industries are frequently updating software and many people believe it is a solved problem. However, several organizations still grapple with keeping systems current especially when the software updates beyond the OS. It is imperative that your security practices include comprehensive patch management to help workstations and servers remain secure, keep data readily available, and keep your business reputation intact because the data center is the essential piece to your organization. Ivanti Patch For Windows offers patch management that spans across physical and virtual servers as well as workstations. Find online and offline systems, analyze for missing patches, deploy them, and then patch everything from the Windows OS (virtual machines, templates, and ESXi hypervisor with the product’s deep integration with VMware) and your most vulnerable third-party apps. This is all done in one easy-to-use solution that will keep your business safe and frees your IT team to focus on core business goals.

Simple Patch Management Across The Environment

86% of vulnerabilities that have been reported are found in third-party applications. Patch For Windows is powered by Shavlik and gives you patching support for Microsoft Windows and other popular vendors such as iTunes®, Oracle®, Java, Adobe®, Flash®, Reader, and more. Discover and patch your physical and virtual servers easily, with or without an agent.

The cloud synchronization feature enables you to manage systems that do not connect normally to the corporate network. Agents are able to check in and receive policy updates from the cloud. You are able to update even templates and snapshots before they come online. If offline templates are kept up-to-date all the time, you are able to deploy a VM without having to worry if they are current or not.

  • Use the agentless attribute to diminish the footprint on physical and virtual servers
  • Use the agent for on-premise systems that may need more permissions or network configurations

Reduce Risk, Expand Security And Stay In Compliance

To defend your organization and comply with industry and business regulations/requirements, you have to know what you currently have. Patch For Windows finds connected systems and scans for absent patches throughout the business to help your organization stay compliant. Complete patching automation also helps decline the delivery time of essential security patches. This solution will let you view reports simply that shows the most vulnerable systems or a complete view of your environment. Gain in-depth information about risks, confirm patch compliance quickly, and share patch status with other groups and business executives.

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Product Description

Save Time And Money By Simplifying And Automating The Patching Process

Patch For Windows accelerates the software update from months to just minutes. It will simplify installation and configuration and uses powerful, automated discovery and deployment attributes. This eliminates having to rely on time-robbing manual steps to discover, define, and deliver software update packages. Using the interactive “single pane of glass” interface gives you the ability to gain granular and precise control over the whole patching process which includes patch discovery, distribution of software updates, and reporting. You can also scan and deploy all available patches to your environment constantly with flexible scheduling and customization. Patch For Windows is easy to use and the complete automation assists you and your team with saving time and resources that can be utilized to focus on business goals.

Bridge The Gap Between Security and IT Operations

Patch for Windows offers an advanced API stack that integrates with security solutions, vulnerability scanners, configuration management and reporting tools. This integration also helps you connect Security, IT, and DevOps while making patch operations native to a huge ecosystem of security products. For example, this solution enables you to automatically import the most recent vulnerability assessment into the next batch of patches to test which helps make IT Operations a more effective partner in keeping the organization secure. DevOps is all about continuous improvement and automation. When integrated with patch management it can lead to more resilient and unchanging infrastructures and systems. You can also pull important information into solutions such as Splunk, Reporting Services, Archer, and Crystal Reports for faster analysis, response to, and closure rates for vital security incidents.


  • Comprehensive Patch Management
  • Ease Of Use
  • Virtualization Of Support
  • Flexible Infrastructure
  • Power Pack Add-On
  • Empower


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