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How Do You Face Problems in Your Organization?

In most organizations, Problem Management is an afterthought if addressed at all, however, it is a critical process to improve efficiency and overall service to your customers.

Understanding the root cause for the day to day issues faced by your customers is critical.

Many customers focus solely on Incident Management, which is focused on getting customers up and running as quickly as possible.  This can create a situation in which you become very good at dealing with these issues, but you face them repeatedly.  You get better and better at identifying and dealing with these incidents, but this can create a false sense of improvement.  You get better and better at resolving them, but they continue to happen because the root cause is not identified or corrected.

By devoting time, and resources, to Problem Management, you can get to the heart of many of the day to day issues that the service desk must deal with.  Eliminate the root cause, and you can dramatically decrease the volume of calls the service desk receives.

A problem with an email server can surface as multiple calls from users who cannot access their accounts to send or receive email.  Rebooting email clients may resolve the immediate issue, but without referring these instances to Problem Management, who can focus on the underlying cause of the issue, will result in the service desk having to deal with multiple calls, all stemming from a single source.

By establishing a formal process to identify these recurring issues, and referring them to a team devoted to digging in and establishing the cause, can not only make your customers happier, but dramatically cut down on the call volume faced by your front lines and free them up to deal with new issues and not simply more of the same…

Author: Kyle Hamilton


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