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Product Description

Simplilearn’s Advanced Social Media course is aimed at educating and training participants in the rapidly expanding field of Social Media. Participants will be trained on the latest and most advanced techniques; they will develop skills in attracting traffic to the websites and promoting and protecting brand and online reputation. This course is aimed at educating and training participants on the impact of E-commerce and how Social media has changed businesses in the field of marketing and communication.
Simplilearn’s Advanced Social Media course addresses the concept of sales channels and how it relates to your existing Social Media goal and micro-goals.

This course will train participants in:
  • Drawing more traffic and generating visibility and awareness for a brand or product.
  • Advanced social media communication principles and platforms
  • Understanding how the emotions of sharing impact social exposure and why social media strategies must originate from a business goal.
  • Identifying potential social media metrics for a campaign by describing the three key areas of business that social media can impact.
  • Understanding the subtle and intricate details of effective social media marketing
  • Effectively implementing Social Media strategies and tactics and creating marketing campaigns
  • Identifying the four ways to motivate consumers by listing the three key benefits of storytelling when it comes to consumer engagement.
  • Attracting a larger audience and communicating with influencers
  • Deploying the latest strategies to plan, execute, and assess a comprehensive and effective social media campaign for corporations, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.
  • Identifying the four places you need to monitor for conversation about your brand and creating a list of KPIs for measurement based on your existing Social Media goals
  • Marketing a business through Social Media



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