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Apache Kafka Certification Training


The course helps you to master the components of Kafka including its architecture, installation, interfaces, and configuration. It includes basics of ZooKeeper and imparts the knowledge to use Kafka for real-time messaging. The course is best-suited for big data developers, IT developers, and analytics professional.

Product Description

Apache Kafka is an open source Apache project. It is a high-performance real-time messaging system that can process millions of messages per second. It provides a distributed and partitioned messaging system and is highly fault tolerant.

The Apache Kafka course offered by Simplilearn takes participants through the Kafka architecture, installation, interfaces and configuration. The participants are also trained in the fundamental concepts of Big Data in this course.

Apache Kafka is one among the top ten fastest growing, in-demand technical skills. This course is designed to meet this demand and train professionals in Apache Kafka. By the end of Simplilearn’s training in Apache Kafka, participants will be able to:
  • Describe the importance of big data
  • Describe the fundamental concepts of Kafka
  • Describe the architecture of Kafka
  • Explain how to install and configure Kafka
  • Explain how to use Kafka for real-time messaging


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