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Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training


The course enables you to master the essential skills in Apache Spark & Scala such as Real-time processing, Spark SQL, Spark streaming, Machine learning programming, GraphX programming, and Shell scripting spark. It includes a real life industry-based project on movie reviews to be performed in Spark. The course is best suited for data scientists, IT developers, and analysts.


Product Description

With Simplilearn’s Apache Spark and Scala certification training you would advance your expertise in Big Data Hadoop Ecosystem.

With this Apache Spark certification you will master the essential skills such as Spark Streaming, Spark SQL, Machine Learning Programming, GraphX Programming, Shell Scripting Spark.

And with real life industry project coupled with 30 demos you would be ready to take up Hadoop developer job requiring Apache Spark expertise.

With Certification in Apache Spark and Scala training, you will be able to-

  • Get clear understanding of the limitations of MapReduce and role of Spark in overcoming these limitations
  • Understand fundamentals of Scala Programming Language and it’s features
  • Explain & master the process of installing Spark as a standalone cluster
  • Expertise in using RDD for creating applications in Spark
  • Mastering SQL queries using SparkSQL
  • Gain thorough understanding of Spark Streaming features
  • Master & describe the features of Spark ML Programming and GraphX Programming


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