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ITIL® Intermediate Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) module is an ITIL® qualification focused on planning, implementation and optimization of OSA processes. The ITIL® Intermediate Qualification: Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) Certificate is a freestanding qualification but is also part of the ITIL® Intermediate Capability stream, and one of the modules that leads to the ITIL® Expert Certificate in IT Service Management.

Simplilearn’s ITIL® Intermediate OSA Certification Training enhances ones’ skills to apply core practices to support the service management lifecycle in real-time. The OSA module is one of the key ITIL® Service Capability modules and allows participants to enhance their ITIL® knowledge and skills enabling them to execute and implement specific ITIL® processes effectively.

Simplilearn offers ITIL® Intermediate OSA certification training that allows candidate’s to prepare for the ITIL® OSA exam in the comfort of their own place and/or in a Classroom learning environment.

ITIL® Intermediate OSA Certification is an intermediate level of ITIL® certification offered to IT professionals who successfully qualify the ITIL® OSA exam. The ITIL® Intermediate Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) qualification demonstrates the candidate’s specialization in ITIL® service capability modules and expertise in planning, implementing and optimizing the OSA processes. ITIL® OSA certification establishes a professional’s ability to apply OSA practices in:
  • the resolution and support of the service management lifecycle, and
  • ITIL® processes and functional areas such as Event management, Incident management, Request fulfillment, and so on.

According to some of the leading job websites, ITIL® Intermediate OSA Certification is a pre-requisite for many key roles in the IT sector.

Over a million professionals have reaped the benefits of being certified in the ITIL® OSA module. Also, the global demand for certified professionals is increasing at a faster pace.

Simplilearn is accredited by APMG and TUV as an ITIL® Foundation and Intermediate Training provider. Simplilearn is also an Accredited Examination Centre (AEC) by APMG, TUV and EXIN.


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