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Tableau Training and Data Visualization Course


The Tableau desktop 10 training by Simplilearn helps you master the various aspects of Tableau Desktop 10 and gain skills such as building visualization, organizing data, and designing dashboards. You will also learn concepts of statistics, mapping, and data connection. The course includes an industry-based project and 2 simulation exams to prepare you for Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification. It is best suited for software developers, BI professionals, system and administrators.

Product Description

Tableau Desktop is one of the most used data visualization, reporting and Business Intelligence tool in the world. It has regularly been a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Tableau is simple to use requiring minimum skill level and has great visualization capabilities making it the reporting tool of choice for multiple enterprises.

The Tableau Desktop 10 training provided by Simplilearn is to ensure you are ready to take up a job assignment requiring Tableau Desktop expertise. The course has been specifically designed to give your Tableau career a strong boost. This Tableau training focuses on skills, such as visualization building, analytics, and dashboards. This course also prepares you for the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification exam by Tableau.

With Simplilearn’s Tableau Training on Desktop 10, you will be able to –

  • Grasp the concepts of Tableau Desktop 10 and become proficient with Tableau statistics and building interactive dashboards
  • Master data sources as well as datable blending, creating data extracts, organizing and formatting data
  • Master Arithmetic, logical, table and LOD calculations and ad-hoc analytics
  • Become an expert on all the visualization possible with Tableau 10 like heat map, tree map, waterfall, Pareto, Gantt chart and market basket analysis
  • Learn to analyse data using Tableau Desktop and learn techniques like clustering and forecasting
  • Gain command over mapping concepts such as custom geocoding and radial selections
  • Master Special Field Types and Tableau Generated Fields and the process of creating and using parameters
  • Learn how to build interactive dashboards, story interfaces and how to share your work


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