Unified Endpoint Management / User-Focused Solutions

Do you need to decrease logon times? Lengthy logons are annoying for everyone! Studies show that after a 30-second wait, 71% of end users will do personal things at least five minutes on company time, resulting in nonproductivity and exposing unlocked devices to security breaches. Not only does extended log on times distract users but it can also cause more calls to your service desk, also reducing their productivity. Terminating lengthy logons times builds end-user assurance in IT, lessens costs, and improves efficiency.

Do you need to migrate your users to Windows 10? In order to do so, your organization must plan and update several apps and drivers to the appropriate users and PCs as well as renew each user’s data and settings.

Standard wandering profiles, logon scripts, and Group Policy Objects are the leading drives of prolonged logons. Relocate thousands of machines swiftly and remove the causes of long logons with Ivanti UEM/User-Focused solutions. The tools Ivanti provides will remove the need to depend on standard large user profiles, single logon scripts, and confusing Group Policy Objects to speed up your logon process.

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