When a nonfunctional mobile device stops an employee, it loses your organization’s money. You must fix the issue and get that employer back to their job as soon as possible in order to match customer requests. Several of the newest mobile computers are exporting with the Android operating system and more intelligent OS devices are approaching, which means remote control is unlike than it has been with traditional operating systems. However, providing fixes quickly so staff can return to tasks is still the objective.

Prepared For Your Android Distribution

Ivanti’s Android Remote Control solution is fit for your new device update; supporting Android 4.4 (KitKat) and more.

Safe Sessions For Transporting Fixes

TLS and AES 256-bit encryption protects your transfers, so you can feel assured that log files, OS updates, and more are securely transmitted to and from devices.

Keep Logs of Session History

All remote control sessions are tracked, so it’s simple to review what has been sent, revised, and edited in previous connections.

Bypass The Awful “No Fault Found” Report

It’s impeding to transmit a device in for service, only to have it come back with a “no fault found” decision. Dodge uncalled-for freight to the service storehouse by examining problems remotely and confirming settings for yourself. Guarantee that devices are available when employees enter, or as a final action when executing a fix. Force mobile device upgrades remotely to assure updates have been implemented correctly.

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