Service-Centric AIOps

How do you respond to digital disruptions during high-consequence situations? Clinically examine your incidents, establish a tight feedback loop between your different teams, and deliver quick resolution using OpsQ’s event management engine.

OpsQ helps you better manage infrastructure complexity by predicting performance issues and enabling self-correcting actions for repetitive incidents. With service-centric AIOps, you don’t need to worry anymore about chaotic incident response with proactive insights for application and infrastructure issues.

Modern enterprises face the challenges of maintaining always-on digital services built on modern (multi-cloud, microservices, and containers) and legacy (physical and virtual) architectures. A typical IT operations team uses more than ten different monitoring tools to support and maintain digital services. How do you anticipate problems and predict the business impact for IT outages while still delivering compelling end-user experiences at digital scale? There are numerous of problems that can occur, such as trying to keep up with the volume, variety, and velocity of IT events across different tools which can be overwhelming. It’s also not easy keeping track of hybrid infrastructure dependencies for IT and business services. If there is a lack of centralized service-health visibility it can impact root cause(s) analysis and mean time to recovery.

Ensure rapid service restoration with machine learning with OpsQ for Intelligent Event Management. OpsQ allows you to:

Gain Operational Efficiencies

Handle growing volumes of alerts and events for modern IT infrastructure with automated event correlation.

Reduce Guesswork

View actionable conclusions for performance incidents so that you can ignore false alarms and react faster.

Predict Business Impact

Understand the visibility and impact to a business service with contextual and insightful alerts.

Speed Problem Resolution

Ensure zero-impact to your digital business services with real-time analytical capabilities for root cause(s) analysis.

Eliminate up to 95% of the human time spent on IT event management with service-centric AIOps. Dramatically reduce the volume of alerts with computational intelligence and automatically route incidents to appropriate teams for faster resolution.

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