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Helix Client Management is service management software that will reduce service desk calls by 80% through integrated endpoint management. By automating endpoint management, organizations can control costs, maintain compliance and reduce data and financial risks. Helix Client Management provides an accurate view of hardware installations, guarantees device adherence to organizational and industry policies, support systems and software currency. This service management software also includes an inventory of your IT assets so are aware of what you own and how those assets are being used. It keeps your device current, allows access to your devices remotely, provides pre-approved self-service for software downloads and more with MyApps. It’s also easily integrated with your service desk or CMDB.

As businesses continue to grow and merge, IT organizations are constantly faced with the increasingly difficult task of correctly managing their technology assets. Some challenges include discovering and tracking hardware and software, ensuring software licenses are being used to their full potential, reducing potential vulnerabilities, supporting the service desk with troubleshooting issues and integrating to reduce escalations. BMC Client Management solves these issues by delivering mobile, desktop, and laptop management to help organizations control costs, avoid audit failure, and reduce the possibility of data loss. From the time a device is acquired, Helix Client Management deploys the proper OS and software specific to the device and the user, which ensures organizational and industry policy compliance and keeps patches updated until the device is retired.

Product details:

Discovery and inventory
On-demand Availability
OS and Application Deployment
Software License Management
Patch Management
Remote Management
Mobile Management
Power Management
Compliance Management
Device Management


Managing many of your client devices is difficult. Helix Client Management solves this by quickly finding and managing these devices all in one place no matter where you or they are. Enjoy our webinar that demonstrates the capabilities of this robust service management software!

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