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Annually, you are challenged to discover methods to improve employee productiveness by five percent or more. You may have deliberated voice previously, but there’s great news: voice has come a long way. With Ivanti Speakeasy, powered by Wavelink, organizations around the world are noticing the advantages of completely-featured voice enablement that can be applied in only a few weeks, incredibly more affordable than original voice applications. You can begin using your systems and mobility tools you already have, or add voice as you update your mobile devices; including those performing on the Android operating system.

Including Voice Is Simple

Many organizations must deal with restricted IT budgets, making prolonged project timelines a stumbling block. Ivanti created Speakeasy in connection with their mobile applications for simple integration. Speakeasy is a 100% client-side tool that can be implemented in as little as 30 days!

Voice-Enable Your Current Devices Or New Android Alternatives

Is your warehouse staff carrying Windows Mobile or Windows CE mobile computers? You can incorporate voice to your current Terminal EmulationIndustrial Browser, and VelocityCE implementation. Or, if you’re thinking about a hardware upgrade, deploy on our Velocity platform for the latest Android devices.

Keep Your Current Host System Whole

Unlike conventional voice applications, Speakeasy voice-entered information is accepted by your host applications via the same data stream as any information your employees enter via barcode scan or key entrance. Because all the voice processing is managed within the mobile device, it is unnecessary to alter your present host applications or add middleware.

Enhance Staff Efficiency And Precision

Almost all enterprise mobile distributions are anticipated to optimize staff productiveness and order precision. With Speakeasy, customers report productivity profits of 50% or more, and accuracy accomplishments worthy of Lean Six Sigma certification.

Apply Voice for Discovery And More

If you’ve looked at conventional voice applications, you may have had difficulty explaining voice in tasks beyond picking. Speakeasy is assisting organizations spread voice, and its efficiency advantages, to all types of warehouse duties, from receiving and cycle counting to truck loading and put-away.

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Product Description

Assist Staff Beginning Promptly

The times of training a voice application to identify a certain employee are no longer. Simplify it for your employees to pick up any of your voice-enabled devices and start working. The grammar files within Speakeasy empower any employee to speak the commands or information into whichever device they are using.

Unlock Voice From Your Main Systems

Voice empowerment is a mobility tool. You should not need invalidate budget for your voice vendor to make alterations to your host application, nor for them to come back and re-try any edits you want to make to your host systems in the years ahead. With Speakeasy, you are able to make alterations that enhance your host without concerning your voice vendor.

Talk The Worldwide Language Of Efficiency

More than 30 languages are supported for both speech-to-text and text-to-speech processes. Over 50 are supported in text-to-speech-only integrations. Speakeasy provides one voice enablement platform for your worldwide organization.

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