Supply Chain Solutions

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Do you need to be more alert to customer pressure for faster delivery? If you give your workers the proper tools, they’ll deliver better for you. If you supply them with Android devices and mobile apps that are interactive and customary, they will learn prompter. If you give them the option to voice-enable their task workflows, they will keep consignments on the move. Guarantee their mobile devices and apps are functioning at their best, and your business will go to higher lengths! Be in tip-top shape for when peak season hits your organization. You don’t have much time for huge technology productions but your business relies on the efficiency of your mobile workers.

Increase efficiency across your entire environment – from choosing to replacement and more! Ivanti comprehends the stress you are under and the KPI metrics you’re aiming. Ivanti offers Velocity which connects workers’ Android devices to existing enterprise systems, Speakeasy which unlocks the speed and accuracy of voice-enabled data capture, and Avalanche which delivers three decades of proven, reliable enterprise mobility management. Ivanti is the only company that has an entire set of mobile access to enterprise systems, voice ability, and flexible management to maintain it all.

Ivanti Supply Chain Solutions

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