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Terminal Emulation

More enterprises support Ivanti Terminal Emulation on mobile devices than any other telnet client. That’s because Ivanti’s industry-model emulation solution gives you an all-inclusive, certified platform to link mobile employees with host systems. With Ivanti Terminal Emulation your mobile deployment is not only strong right now, but can function with the most recent technological advancements that can promote improved mobile efficiency.

Created For The Life of Your Mobile Deployment

Strong mobile computers are a priceless proficiency solution for your staff, created to withstand difficult environments. The lifecycle of a distribution can be up to 10 years or more. Ivanti’s Terminal Emulation was and still is accessible and improved for the Windows Mobile and Windows CE operating systems, empowering you to shift on your terms.

Link To Current Host Systems

Ivanti Terminal Emulation broadens your WMS, ERP, or other host systems simply to your mobile employees. Their Terminal Emulation solution is the only telnet client that links to all of the main supply chain management solutions.

Completely Take Advantage Of The Mobile Device Technology

Ivanti’s tightknit teamwork with device producers means you get a telnet client that backs almost all data input types; from keyboards and barcode scanners to RFID and voice.

Use Your Favored Emulation Type

Whether your system uses 5250, 3270, VT100/110, or VT220/320, Ivanti Terminal Emulation has you supported. You can also run a blend of sessions concurrently.

Voice-Enable Your Mobile Distribution

Optimize staff efficiency even more by supplying them with text-to-speech and speech-to-text voice empowerment. Ivanti Speakeasy integrates seamlessly with Ivanti Terminal Emulation on the latest generation Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices that provide speaker/microphone support.

Assist Staff Multi-Tasking

Mobile employees balance several duties; often concurrently. With multi-session support, they can juggle between different emulation types operating simultaneous sessions for responsive multitasking.

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Product Description

Encourage Continuous Productiveness

Effectiveness can occur outside of Wi-Fi coverage. With Ivanti Terminal Emulation, your staff can go where the job takes them, thanks to Ivanti’s ConnectPro session persistence capability. ConnectPro reunites staff to the host easily while sustaining the Terminal Emulation application state; even though a device restart or battery switch.

Enhance Precision and Improve Processes

Ivanti Terminal Emulation provides strong scripting that makes it simple to streamline application processes. Their easy-to-use script editor allows you to fix scripts and automate repetitive actions, lessening mistakes.

Reformat Screens and Keyboards for Ideal Usefulness

Use the Screen Reformatter feature to generate clearer, easier-to-read telnet screens that are enhanced for your employees and the devices they carry. Ivanti’s Screen Reformatter and keyboard editor provides a WYSIWYG platform for improving on-screen text key arrangements.

Carry Out Support Seamlessly

Dominate a telnet session to fix or go over session logs for perception into production history for a selected device. Information goes beyond the telnet client, adding scanning performance and battery issues. Use Ivanti Avalanche to control your telnet distribution for perfected application and mobile device management.

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