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Many companies are at the forefront of technology within their industries in innovation and providing their customers a great digital experience with products and services. But leading the digital revolution inside their own companies? Not so much.  For many organizations turning to an industry leader like BMC Software is a great way to accelerate that internal digital innovation. 

BMC is a global leader in innovative software solutions that enable businesses to transform into digital enterprises for the ultimate competitive advantage. 

Let’s do the numbers: 35 Years of IT Experience / 470+ Patents / 500 Partners / 6,000 Employees and 10,000+ Customers globally with 2 Billion in Revenue. 

The BMC portfolio serves Service ManagementWorkload AutomationIT OperationsCloud ManagementIT Automation, and Mainframe all of which enable their clients to capitalize on creating that digital experience both externally and internally which is the focus of this article.  Today’s customers expect ‘instant service’ meaning that when they want to obtain a product, they bring out the technology of a mobile device. They order it up, whether that be a meal delivered to their house or the goods and services to decorate the same house or just another episode to entertain themselves. Perhaps they are doing something more sophisticated like banking or planning travel all from the comfort of their couch.  “Couch IT” is how I like to refer to this model of behavior, but when they go into the office, they meet with the old ways of making them feel like to request something from IT will require them to use a stone tablet and chisel to submit a request.  In my experience, I hear too often from companies that we can do “fill in the blank” but we do not do IT well as would like.   

BMC has a solution for that when enabling clients with Service Management. The portfolio ranges from Track-It! on the request side to SaaS solutions, Remedyforce, Remedy on Demand, and on-premise products such as FootPrints and Remedy.  All these solutions can greatly improve the internal customer’s experience in requesting or providing IT with the ability to publish a Service Catalogue (ITIL) for their consumption.  How great that can be for your end user to be able to shop for the goods and services they need at the office in a quick and orderly fashion.  Sites like Amazon and brick and mortar retailers have already taught them how to quickly navigate a site including selecting desired features, quantities, and placing an order. IT can maintain greater visibility on those requests problems that arise and changes involved in the environment. 

Service Management with IT Automation and delivering those service requests can be quick and easy such as ordering that last season’s round of binge watching. Products like Client Management for provisioning applications to end-user devices or BladeLogic Server and Network Automation for delivering IT at speeds to enable your business to respond to the demands of your DevOps and SecOps team and protect against tomorrows intrusions or the latest required patching. Looking deeper into the back office and Data Center management automation for your compliance needs for both internal and external governance policies is especially important when those systems are not present in the room but SaaS environments. Cloud Management is one of the ways for IT to deliver the needs of now and transform how their business can respond to questions that C level management needs to know such as how IT can create and provide value.  Cloud management also helps in driving down costs involved in managing the complexities of hybrid environments and powering digital innovation throughout your business.  

Now that we have the end user better requesting and IT automation enabling the requesting, we need to look at how to better do our daily operations. Tasks that often drain IT resources and the performance of those valuable servers and SaaS environments.  BMC has products that greatly benefit IT in those needs. Workload Automation: how many task or scripts does your IT run in a day? Tens, hundreds, thousands. It is not so unimaginable when a script can fix that and another and another gets added daily. Customers sometimes lose track of how many fixes are being run along with normal transactions. Control-M can provide a high level of visibility and governance before chaos is the standard.  Viewing and managing batch workflows, providing users and self-service capability, automating big data workflows and empowering DevOps.  We also need to better manage IT Operations to be able to monitor the performance, availability, and capacity of the business. BMC TrueSight can provide an understanding of what is the experience for end users and customers.  Can we handle the needs of tomorrow, is the capacity there when we need it, and is it best managed when we do not? What level of service is the business able to deliver on? Are the agreements truly supportable and available for customers?  

And at BMC’s core is Mainframe; a technology that not every IT organization has to manage, but for those customers who do systems like MainView, MLC Cost management and Data Management for DB2 and IMS are indispensable and can provide value. The ability to optimize performance and reduce monitoring costs and better manage your IT spending is empowering.   

For some organizations, BMC may feel like it is too big for your organization, but it is not. The needs of global enterprise IT and your IT are the same; reliable capable tools to manage the increasing needs and empower you on Digital Management journey.  For more information talk to us; your BMC valued partner. Let us help educate and show the value that is BMC. 


About the Author
Stephen Rast, trusted partner and IT professional for the last 25+ years working in Banking, Education and Software manufacture with skills in ITSM and helping IT organizations to be successful.  





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