BMC Track-It!

Take control of your Help Desk and IT Management functions with BMC Track-IT! This tool will substantially reduce the time spent on managing recurring Facilities Maintenance items and scheduling repetitive tasks. The end users’ confidence will increase when placing a request with your help desk staff because of the knowledge base solutions, 24/7 self-service for request submission, and online status checks available within the 100% web-based self-service portal. The Service Level Agreements will guarantee that each request is addressed in a timely fashion and it will improve change management control and efficiency by correctly handling change requests while promoting teamwork with Track-IT! Change Management.

IT departments are under constant pressure to provide higher levels of service, support additional types of devices, manage software licenses, keep track of company IT assets, support distributed users in diverse work environments all while trying to keep their costs as low as possible. This has proved to be a challenge for businesses that are not equipped with the proper tools to handle the job. BMC Track-IT! solves this by including core modules for Inventory and Asset Management, Help Desk Management, Change Management, Purchasing, Software License Management, Training, Library, Facilities Management, Self Service/Password Reset web portal for end users, mobile and web help desk interface for technicians, a data warehouse-driven dashboard for metrics and reporting and additional add-ons including PC Migration Management, Remote Control, Industry Knowledge-Paks, Survey and Barcode.

BMC Track-It! has been around for over 20 years, trusted by 55,000 customers, sold over 180,000 technical licenses, managed over 16 million IT assets and has been installed in more than 26 countries making it the worldwide number one leader in market share for the small to the mid-sized business help desk.

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