TrueSight AppVisibility Manager

Remotely or on-premise track and measure user activity at individual or location level

TrueSight AppVisibility Manager surpasses peer application performance monitoring by providing deep perception into the user experience. AppVisibility gives you current and complete visibility from a user transaction to a simple line of code and evaluates various influences across user sessions to detect mistakes before users are affected. You will be able to instantly zero in on irregularities and separate performance issues by a user, network, or even host time. Look at an individual user, a specific transaction, an entire customer group, or location using AppVisibility to see diagnostics, capacity planning, change management, and service level management. This solution is able to be implemented as a hosted service, hybrid, or on-premise and can permit and manage the power of developing technologies such as virtualization and cloud-based services.

End User Experience & User Transaction Profiling

TrueSight AppVisibility Manager delivers real and artificial end-user experience management features. Using this solution, you can capture and securely store web activity for every user session including every page, object, error, and all associated timing. Gain immediate access to web applications with views into service-level performance, incidents and errors, and performance metrics with physical drill-down features. AppVisibility allows you to combine current end-user visibility with behavior learning analytics to isolate issues faster and rank them based on service levels and affected users. This solution also combines end-user visibility with the appropriate level of application and infrastructure monitoring and analytics for intricate event processing to give your IT team the understanding to quickly isolate problems and reinstate services faster.

Application Component Discovery & Modeling

TrueSight AppVisibility Manager features a lively map that is built into the backend to effortlessly reveal areas of sensitivity. It allows you to zero in on individual tiers, delivery components, middleware, database information, and affected components to enable your IT team to allocate the proper resources to correct the problem.

Application Deep Dive

TrueSight AppVisibility Manager generates rich infrastructure dashboards to give your IT team a measure of component health with green, red, and yellow light mechanism. AppVisibility will quickly realize what transactions are abnormally happening and separate those reports to see the normal activity, allow you to isolate this without the need for an independent tool, and simultaneously monitors end-user experience and application health.

Reporting & Application Data Analytics

TrueSight AppVisibility Manager eradicates guesswork by accumulating data of health metrics of domain-specific tools to identify problems so your IT team can reinstate services faster. You will be able to see metrics across your entire business for a comprehensive view of every application performance and identify the origin of problems quickly with simple customizable and collaborative dashboards.

Key features:

End User Experience Insight
Deep Application Performance Visibility
Proactive Problem Solving With Application Diagnostics
Transaction Tracing
Integrated Monitoring On-Premise Or Off