TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Empower IT To Keep Up With Digital Services

Applications and IT infrastructure must work together. TrueSight Capacity Optimization gives your IT team the insight they need to balance IT capital with application and service demands. This capacity management solution that gives you insight into your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure so IT and DevOps can simply add, eliminate, or adjust compute, storage, network, and other IT infrastructures resources to application and service demands that are subject to change. Capacity Optimization gives insight into upcoming capital needs and the capability to control the timing and cost of new resources and operating costs by providing service views, forecasting, modeling, and reservation features. The chargeback and showback reporting permits project and business owners to handle the budget and cost of service.


TrueSight Capacity Optimization parallels IT resources with service demand for punctual service delivery and enhanced costs and deploys applications and services punctually, every time. Capacity Optimization has the capabilities to assign and schedule needed IT infrastructure capital for immediate use giving IT a view of both realized and utilized IT resources, so they can strategize for on-boarding or infrastructure acquisitions.

Business-Aware Analytics:

TrueSight Capacity Optimization gives you the capability to predict and model changes in service demand so your IT team can effortlessly adjust the infrastructure resources based on peak, cyclic, or growth in demand. Use this solution to view the IT capital needed for changing application and delivery necessities.


Businesses left and right are flocking to private and public clouds to speed up their organization and achieve digital transformation. Enhance your resources with the comprehensive visibility for on-premise and public infrastructure services and give your IT team insight into resource consumption and needs, regardless of where or how workloads are being run. Capacity Optimization also supports VMware, vCloud, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.


TrueSight Capacity Optimization has the ability to recognize the cost of service, so your IT team can provide lines of business with the financial information they must have for generating competitive services. Fixed rate, allocation based, and utilization based are the three different chargeback/showback models that IT can combine or choose ones that best fit the business needs for cost reporting or modeling.


TrueSight Capacity Optimization accumulates data for all the infrastructure capital that is necessary for application and service performance. The TrueSight Capacity Marketplace contains over 30 connectors, 50 report templates, several views, and additional crowd-sourced extensions that your IT team can use to easily equip the environment to meet business needs.

Key benefits:

Reduce staff time spent by up to 75% by automating capacity management
Defer or abolish resource costs up to 30% by increasing density of compute capital
Gain insight into altering IT infrastructure
Fast ROI with average payback in 9 months