TrueSight Intelligence

Addresses Challenges of AIOps with Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics

Businesses are turning more towards digital transformation which includes cloud computing, rapid changes in technology, and new digital machine agents. This is difficult for traditional IT practices to keep up with because of unknown and unforeseeable amounts of data this new digital transformation era brings. BMC TrueSight Intelligence permits quick, data-driven actions across your IT organization that will meet the needs of digital service transformation and innovation.

TrueSight Intelligence is a crucial element of the TrueSight AIOps platform that integrates machine learning and advanced analytics with IT and business data from operations, service management, capacity, and automation. TrueSight Intelligence also connects to BMC Software as well as third-party solutions and analyzes streaming data for current insights and opens deep data investigation to the IT organization.

TrueSight Intelligence integrates out-of-the-box with TrueSight Operations Management, TrueSight Pulse, and Remedy. There is no data mapping necessary; the data model is built actively from your data and upgraded as you make changes. The analytics are automatically administered based on datatype, therefore, eliminating the need for data skill, configuration, or decision-making. The machine learning adjusts to your data and behavior and then modifies algorithms and analytics accordingly. TrueSight Intelligence offers your business fast time-to-value, no maintenance SaaS delivery, leverages modern stack technology, and utilizes free-text natural language processing to give you groundbreaking insights into problems and behaviors.

Key features:

Generates uninterrupted IT and business data insights
Real-time analytics for big data and rapid fast data investigation
Machine learning immediately adjusts to your environment
Implanted IT-specific analytics reveal and rank problems creating incidents
Open data schema to consume and scrutinize a broad variety of IT and other data

Key benefits:

Get to action quicker by incorporating IT data from across silos and tools
Machine learning and automated analytics frees up your IT team
Discover the power of analytics for your business without the need for data scientists