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User Workspace Manager

Ivanti’s User Workspace Manager, powered by AppSense, slashes desktop TCO, simplifies desktop management, and enhances the user experience. Save an average of 40% on server hardware. Ivanti User Workspace Manager, previously DesktopNow, is a workspace management tool that assists you to streamline desktop distribution and control, decrease IT expenses and protect endpoints.

With User Workspace Manager, you can give a customized, compliant desktop despite user location or device. The tool also expedites enormous IT duties such as Windows 10 migration and allows protected file sync, sharing, and data admittance. With User Workspace Manager, you get the advantages of these other Ivanti solutions:

Run the tool from a primary management console and give convoluted tasks like Windows 10 migrations quicker. User Workspace Manager facilitates desktop deployment and management by parting user information from the desktop for simple flexibility.

Change the desktop and your users’ experience. With User Workspace Manager, you can give responsive, protected desktops that users appreciate, save capital on servers, administer users more efficiently, and decrease endpoint security danger.

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Product Description

Key Benefits:

  • Migration – Migrate profile data between OS
  • Ensure Trust – Stop malware and ransomware
  • File Security – Secure file sync and access
  • Efficient – Vastly increase server density

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