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As traditional mobile operating systems near the end of support, Android is increasingly looking like the operating system for your next-generation mobile computers. But Android is a total platform shift for your organization, so speed-to-user-acceptance is vital. With Ivanti Velocity, powered by Wavelink, you can transfer your current telnet apps to Android, beginning in their existing “green screen” structure, and then improve, update, and voice-enable these apps in four simple stages.

Your staff has time to adapt to new hardware, then get a completely updated user experience and processes enhanced to simplify their jobs. Enhance your perfect order rate and distribute to customers quicker; all while lessening the possibility of functional interruptions to your organization.

Sustain Your Host Solution

Implementing Velocity keeps your capital in your current host solution. The tool can interact with your warehouse management (WMS) or other supply chain management system, just like Ivanti Terminal Emulation has been doing. It is not necessary to edit or transfer your host system.

App Updates Made Simple

Your staff carries mobile devices with vivid, gorgeous touchscreens. Velocity completely takes advantages of those displays by taking the text-based data from your host system and transferring it into an innate mobile experience that is simple to navigate and use. Use Velocity’s fast innovation to configure and position modern telnet screens in minutes.

Improve Conviction And Acceleration

The multi-touch feel of today’s personal devices is habitual to your staff. Delivering that common user experience to their business mobile applications makes it simple for them to handle task screens and input information more efficiently and correctly. With Velocity, you can also present content from external sources. For example, enter pictures into a picking task so that employees can visually match up parts with items listed in an order.

Optimize Task Workflows

Scripting allows you to automate repetitive tasks, add key macros, and more. You can also enhance screen real estate with custom keyboards—presenting employees with only the keys necessary for populating the existing data field. And strong scan handling provides choices to diminish keyed data entry.

Session Persistence

Stop information damage and lost efficiency in areas where network performance is doubtful. Our Session Persistence Server protects against feeble connections and maintains session state through device restarts and battery switches.

Voice-Enable Your Apps

Include text-to-speech and speech-to-text to your Velocity apps for the best in staff efficiency. Voice allows employees to collaborate with your apps while keeping their hands free to select the product and their eyes concentrated on maneuvering safely the environment around them. More than 30 languages are supported for your worldwide supply chain deployments.

Lessen Hazards In Your Android Transformation

Position Android safely in retail and supply chain operations. Velocity simplifies it for you to meet your time and budget landmarks in your next-generation mobile deployment. You could save millions of dollars in app transferring costs by updating the telnet apps you currently have.

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Product Description

Guide Your Migration

Velocity was created to roll out in stages, lessening interruption. Position telnet apps on Android devices in their usual “green screen” natural mode while staff becomes used to their new hardware (it’s as simple as directing Velocity to your host IP address). Control the improvement, upgrades, and speech advancements within a period of time that fits with your business and user acceptance speed.

Escape Keyboard-based Devices

Velocity is a program for extending all your business apps across mobile hardware tools. Your device form-factor choices enlarge, permitting you to position the device type that best fits each mobile use-case in your business.

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