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IT Onboarding – Leveraging Knowledge and AI to Optimize
the New Employee Experience 

Are you providing the right answers for new employees?  IT onboarding can quickly become complicated and drive up your service desk calls – and in most organizations, self-service is not working efficiently.  Delivering knowledge that guides employees through the process of getting the resources and answers they need to be a productive member of the team can be achieved with modern self-help solutions.

Join this live webinar and demo on IT onboarding process improvements with customer-facing knowledge and AI. In the webinar, you will learn why traditional knowledge and self-service is not working and how EasyVista’s Self Help solution can simplify and optimize employee onboarding that helps reduce service desk calls by up to 30%,


  • Delivering guided self-service to help new employees find the answers and resources they need to be productive
  • How to easily create knowledge flows that automates knowledge access, contextual interactions, and actions with other systems
  • Integrating with ITSM to automate catalog requests and submit support requests
  • Leveraging chatbots and AI to provide interactive access from anywhere

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Cherwell ITSM Tool? 2/12/19

Cherwell Service Management is a comprehensive service desk verified for eleven ITIL® processes. But its real power is its flexibility. With Cherwell, you can rapidly meet changing and growing demands across the organization, from IT to Facilities, HR, and beyond—all with fewer headaches and lower costs.

This session will focus on leveraging the tools and features of Cherwell Service Management to make your support team more effective.  We will be highlighting little-known tips and tricks as well as showing new features available in the latest version.

Let Kyle Hamilton, from Flycast Partners, show you if you’re making the most out of your Cherwell ITSM tool in this week’s webinar!

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Could Your IT Unit Use Fog Lights? 2/14/19

The old ways just aren’t working any more. In the past, ensuring that IT infrastructure was sufficient meant throwing more hardware and connectivity at the problem. Merely provision more “stuff” and you’ll be fine; the capital budget can take it. In today’s world of operating budgets, this is no longer true. It’s often difficult if not impossible to forecast expected infrastructure requirements.

Join us for this webinar with Bobby McCullough at Flycast Partners to understand how you can manage your infrastructure utilization so that you only pay for what you truly need.


Windows 10 Migration 3/5/19

Having Migration Migraines? Ivanti can help ease your pain!
Ease migration woes, improve the user experience and ensure acceptance of Windows 10 migration projects with Ivanti solutions.

Join Flycast Partners and Ivanti for a Windows 10 Migration webinar on March 5th at 9:30 AM EST. Those that register will receive a $10 Starbucks gift certificate the day prior to the webinar.

Deadline to register to receive your gift is March 4th at 4PM, so hurry and register today!

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