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Reporting across IT is difficult. You accumulate and overlay data from IT applications manually, struggle to generate high-quality visuals, and then redo everything for a different audience. Ivanti has introduced a new and easier way. Ivanti Xtraction is a self-service, real-time reporting, and dashboard tool that allows you to match your IT business intelligence needs with minimal effort. Combine your vendor solutions information; including Ivanti tools in one place. Drive your IT decisions based on real-time, all-inclusive views of your IT infrastructure.

Straightforward Self Service

Spend restricted time waiting for or browsing for reports. Be in control, and depend fewer on IT staff. Created with the user-centric, Xtraction provides an easy-to-use, adjustable interface. Anyone can generate customized reports or dashboards and redo them whenever. Get to your information immediately directly from the root. Drag-and-drop or point-and-click, without coding or confusing commands. Select information from your linked tools, select the display format and let Xtraction do the rest.

Unite Data with Connectors

Optimize your IT expenditures and use your vital IT data. It is no longer necessary to open every application and sift through stacks of information. Utilize connectors pre-built for Ivanti solutions and other familiar applications; ITSMITAM, operational security, endpoint management, and relational databases. Consolidate, cross-reference, and select only the data necessary. Accomplish a level of study impossible with siloed solutions and information. Find idle services by the department. Estimate the financial shock of major downtimes. Track elongated times to patch or devices in need of OS migration and more, easier than before.

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Attain Real-time Visibility

Don’t just evaluate your data after the fire is out. Supervise, analyze, and dispense important data in real time with autorefresh. See point-in-time information on dashboards at your disposal. Absorb data in familiar ways such as pie, bar, or line charts. Export to common file formats for business reports or presentations. Depend on stable, correct and up-to-date information in data-driven meetings and decisions.

Find Buried Data

Xtraction is not restrained to fixed or flat dashboard views. Drill down through dashboards easily. Sift through results to concentrate on points of interest or areas of concern for real-time knowledge. With the appropriate access, you can open a record in the fundamental application. Get deeper insights into your data. Locate hidden resources, pinpoint new service opportunities, or identify susceptible and offline devices. Safeguard staff efficiency, improve security procedures, and affect your bottom line.

Automate Scheduling and Alarms

Appoint report delivery at a time that benefits you; daily, weekly, or monthly. Have reports mailed directly to your inbox. Alleviate IT threats. Take a zealous methodology with Xtraction’s warning ability. Send data dashboards automatically. Accept precocious warning about service level infractions, out-of-compliance devices, or other vital indicators before it’s too late to address.

Diminish Data Access Hazards

Keep control over who sees your business information. Bare your data, reports, and dashboards to approved users only with role-based access. Xtraction includes integrated verification with Active Directory. Get protected access that doesn’t affect user effectiveness.

Fast Implementation

Xtraction installs promptly and broadens with the pre-defined connectors to the most common IT solutions. You’ll be ready to go on the day of installation.

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