PowerShell API Library

From our continued success as a Platinum-level partner, Flycast Partners is considered Freshworks’ preferred partner for complex Freshservice ITSM implementations/integrations as well as a leading source of Freshservice knowledge and services.

As part of our commitment to delivering high-quality services, our team of ITIL- and Freshworks-certified ITSM Consultants has created FreshservicePS, a comprehensive Freshservice PowerShell API Library, for diverse operational needs.

Developed by the team who garnered Freshworks Global ITSM Strategic Partner of the Year, Flycast Partners believes in contributing to the Freshworks community. Our PowerShell module provides organizations with a versatile solution to administer, build, and streamline their Freshservice environment. By offering our expertise and experience to fellow users, we hope to foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing that empowers this community to succeed and thrive.

FreshservicePS provides access to 160+ PowerShell commands providing more than 300 Freshservice API calls.

Freshservice Admins have the ability to:

  • Make the Freshservice API simple to use with a command-line interface
  • Use simple commands to manage Freshservice Tickets, Problems, Changes, Releases, Requesters, and more
  • Provide additional reporting and filtering capabilities
  • Automate re-occurring tasks in Freshservice tenants
  • Move data between Freshservice tenants
  • Support DevOps and build, test, and deploy solutions in CI/CD operations

PowerShell is a cross-platform scripting language that runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Our Freshservice PowerShell API Library is a compilation of functions that are written to interface with the Freshservice REST API. This provides a command-line interface to:

  • Expedite development and usage with built-in help and IntelliSense for parameters
  • Leverage the knowledge and support of the mature PowerShell community for building solutions
  • Eliminate complex parsing by leveraging .NET objects for inputs and outputs
  • Collaborate with the open-source code repository for valuable assistance and feedback from the community



Introducing: Freshservice PowerShell API Library

How to Get Started: Freshservice PowerShell API Library





Not a Powershell Pro? Reach out to Flycast Partners if you need assistance or require help with complex integrations: